Dirt Dog APP66-5 5 Shank All Purpose Plow


Dirt Dog’s All Purpose Plow is best tool for cultivating raw pasture. The APP has 3 to 9 spring loaded, auto reset shanks that sink deep to break up agricultural fields. The spring loaded auto reset shanks allow this tool to be more forgiving in fields littered with stumps and rocks. All Purpose Plows have been around for a long time but Dirt Dog brings top quality fit and finish to the timeless tool. With laser cut quality parts and machined angel, our All Purpose Plows are the modern evolution to powerful tool. The shanks can be moved in one inch increments for the perfect spacing and has replaceable, machined spring pins for easy maintenance. Each shank also has a reversible and replaceable, high carbon plow point so you can get the most out of your plow. Dirt Dog’s All Purpose Plows are available in Red, Green, Orange, Blue and Yellow powder coat paint and come in widths from 48” to 85”.

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