Watering Your Lawn: How Often Should You Do It?

Do you want healthy, vibrant green grass? Watering your lawn is obviously critical to its well-being, but how often should you do it? Your lawn’s grass type and region determine how often you should water your lawn. Follow these basic guidelines to get on the right track.

The rule of thumb

Irrigate, or water, your lawn at least three times a week—including rainfall! The easiest method is to use a sprinkler system; however, your grass should receive about an inch of water even if you use a hose. To check that you are evenly irrigating the grass, lay out small containers with one inch marked. If the containers fill up 1 to 1.5 inches, your watering system is properly distributing water. Be sure to empty the water from the containers to prevent a mosquito habitat from forming.

Furthermore, watering your lawn should occur in the morning and as opposed to nightfall. When the sun goes down, watering may promote unwanted fungal growth. You should also avoid irrigating at mid-day, especially in the summer—otherwise, the water will likely evaporate before reaching the roots.

Work alongside the weather and your region

The weather is an important factor to determining the number of times and amount of water used to irrigate your lawn. A week of low rainfall means you should pick up the slack, but a week of extensive rainfall means you should cut back on watering your lawn. This means you should regularly check your preferred source of weather news!

In addition to weather, you should consider your lawn’s grass type and the region where you live. If you have native grass, you may rarely need to bother with watering your lawn; the grass has naturally acclimated to the normal rain levels of the region.

Pay attention to droughts and local ordinances

Changes in local ordinances usually accompany droughts. These ordinances may require you to water your lawn less than usual to preserve water. If this happens, don’t worry. Grass is a hardy plant and can go weeks without irrigation. If you watered your lawn consistently using the rule of thumb, then your lawn will be tolerant to a long drought.

Remember to water your lawn at least three times a week during the morning. Check the weather ahead of time to ensure the health of your grass! For more lawn care tips, continue following the Meadows Farm Equipment blog!

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