A Closer Look at Husqvarna’s Battery Series

If you think electric cars are the next big thing of the future, so is electric handheld power equipment! Following the ecofriendly trend of the last few decades, Husqvarna offers several types of battery-powered handheld equipment that feature quiet, long-lasting, and innovative technology. Husqvarna’s battery series is reputed as environmentally friendly, neighborhood friendly, and budget friendly—for good reason!

Powerful batteries are kinder to the environment

Selecting any product from Husqvarna’s battery series is another step toward reducing your so-called carbon footprint. Though small, these 36-volt lithium-ion batteries are more efficient than gas-powered motors by 25 percent and can be used for everything from weed trimming to wood cutting. It can’t get much better than an emission free, rechargeable source!

Silent yardwork: a neighborhood dream

Ever feel embarrassed by the loud roar from your gas-powered equipment while you work in the backyard? Even if you haven’t felt self-conscious, you can still rest assured you won’t be bothering your neighbors using Husqvarna’s battery series. The machine designs coupled with the battery significantly reduce vibrations, which impacts your body less and produces a near silent motor with no fumes.

A one-time cost that pays you back

Husqvarna’s battery series is more expensive than some of its gas counterparts, but considering the money saved over time by not having to pay for gas balances out that cost and makes it an investment. Additionally, most batteries are interchangeable. Need to quickly power your weed trimmer after using your chainsaw? No problem! Just take the battery from your chainsaw and put it in your weed trimmer. Don’t worry about needing to recharge multiple times during a long day, too. These batteries charge fast and last for about as long as gas-powered motors!

A design of ergonomics

An intuitive keypad allows you to start and stop Husqvarna’s battery series equipment with just a button. Selecting the “SavETM” mode also allows you to save power where you don’t need power. Also, sunshine or rain, you can work through it all with these battery-powered tools.

Any tool for the job

Husqvarna’s battery series is a full line of battery-powered handheld equipment with multiple choices within the same category so you can pick the tool that best fits your needs. For a full listing, check out the battery series’ official page!

Interested in reducing your carbon footprint and making an investment? Check out Husqvarna battery-powered handheld equipment!

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