Standing Mowers vs. Sitting Mowers: Which One Should I Buy?

The lawn mower industry is consistently evolving to create products that cater to a variety of individual work needs across a selection of property maintenance and landscaping situations. As always, your needs determine which equipment you choose. How much physical exertion can your body handle? What is the size of the space that you are mowing? These are some questions that you may ask yourself when deciding between a standing mower and a sitting mower. Consider the advantages of standing mowers vs. sitting mowers to decide what best suits your lawn care needs.

Sitting mowers

When you think about lawnmowers, you probably think about the industry-standard sitting mower. You may prefer sitting mowers for these reasons:

  • Comfortable. You don’t have to stand for the duration of the task!
  • Good for some physically impaired. If you can’t stand for extended periods, fatigue easily, or otherwise have a health issue, a sitting mower may benefit you.
  • Familiar operation. The process of driving a sitting mower reflects driving a car, so you may prefer that familiarity.
  • Productivity for larger areas. Larger, zero-turn mowers are generally preferable for areas that measure more than one-half acre.

Here are some of the cons of sitting mowers:

  • Bad on back. Because you’re sitting directly on the seat, your spine absorbs the machine’s vibrations and any bumps along its path.
  • Cumbersome to drive. The sitting mower is usually longer with a wide center of gravity, making it less navigable on slopes.
  • No benefit of exercise. After all, you’re sitting for the entire ride! Believe it or not, standing uses up considerable calories and works muscles all over your body.
  • Take up more space. In general, sitting mowers take up more storage space than their standing counterparts.

Standing mowers

Alternatively, the pros and cons of the standing mower may settle the standing mowers vs. sitting mowers debate for you:

  • Better on the back. Instead of your spine, your legs absorb most of the vibration and bumps.
  • Easier mobility. Because you’re standing, these mowers allow a quick enter and exit of the machine. You can also better use your body to compensate torque on slopes.
  • Good exercise. Standing burns more calories than sitting!
  • Smaller for storage. Standing mowers, like the Husqvarna V548, have a compact footprint, making them easier to arrange on a truck or trailer among other equipment.

Standing mowers do have cons, however. Most notably, if you have difficulty standing for extended periods or fatigue easily, the standing mower may not be for you. Additionally, you may find standing mowers initially awkward if you have never used one before.

Ultimately, the choice of standing mowers vs. sitting mowers comes down to your intended use and personal comfort. Whether you decide on a standing or a sitting mower, stop by Meadows Farm Equipment to browse our selection!

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