A Buyer’s Guide to Riding Lawnmowers

If you’ve ever had to cut the lawn with a walk-behind or push mower, you know how hard it can be—especially on a hot day! Fortunately, whether you’re physically unable or simply unwilling to push that mower anymore, you can still get grass cutting done. You have a variety of mowers to pick from, so here’s a guide to riding lawnmowers that can help you in making your decision.

Rear engine riding mower

For the more economical route, choose the rear engine riding mower. These mowers feature the engine at the back and offer deck sizes between 28 to 34 inches. The small deck size makes this mower handy in lawns smaller than an acre and enables efficient storage. While not as maneuverable as a zero-turn mower, rear engine riding lawnmowers still offer tight turn radiuses that will take most, if not all, lawn contours. Tight turns and narrow passes mean little to this equipment type!

Lawn and garden tractor

Though more expensive, you may want to consider a lawn or garden tractor if your property is larger than an acre. Tractors boast considerably more power than rear engine riding lawnmowers, including greater towing capacity. Lawn tractors tote cutting decks of up to 48 inches, whereas garden tractors can feature cutting decks up to 72 inches. If you want to tow a tiller, snow thrower, backhoe, and front loader, than a garden tractor is your best bet.

Zero-turn mower

Perhaps the fastest and most maneuverable lawnmower is the zero-turn mower. With a turn radius of zero, these riding lawnmowers feature speeds up to eight miles per hour and zippy 360-degree turns. The zero-turn radius can also be a feature in stand-on mowers, which offer a similar kind of effortless mowing.

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