5 Mistakes to Avoid When Watering Your Lawn

Pull out the hose and turn on the H2O—watering your lawn is supposed to be easy. However, the everyday person may be making a few wrong turns along the way. If you want to keep your lawn green and healthy, make sure not to commit these mistakes to avoid when watering your lawn.

Watering too frequently

One of the biggest mistakes to avoid when watering your lawn is watering it too frequently. Many people fall into this trap: their yard looks sickly, so they add more water. Not only is this costly, but it can kill your grass, too.

Watering at night

Did you know that you should be watering your lawn at a specific time of day? That means night watering is out of the running. Instead, you should be watering your lawn at any time from six to nine in the morning. Hopefully, you’re an early riser!

Neglecting to remove weeds from your lawn

Though water will help your grass grow, it can also give nutrients to unwanted weeds. Make sure that you’re dealing properly with your weeds. Otherwise, an invasion may be on the horizon.

Believing your lawn can go a few days without watering

Ever think that you could leave your watering to seasonal showers? That can be a tragic gamble. In the absence of rain, your lawn won’t be getting what it needs to grow. However, as long as you water your grass around three times a week, your lawn should be just fine.

Forgetting to adjust to the weather

Most of us check the weather before we pick out our daily clothes. However, do you check the forecast before you water? If you don’t adjust to the upcoming weather, there may be stormy skies on the horizon. After all, the combination of heavy rain and a freshly-watered lawn can spell disaster for your poor grass.

With the hot sun rising overhead, watering your lawn is incredibly important. In fact, the way you water can go a long way. Now that you know the main mistakes to avoid when watering your lawn, you can look forward to a healthier, happier yard.

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