An Overview of Husqvarna Turf Equipment

Lawn care isn’t as simple as a weekly trimming with the lawnmower. For those landowners who want to tackle their lawns with precision or commercial landscapers looking for expert tools for their expert skills, Husqvarna’s turf equipment will create an end result you can be proud of. Here’s what you can expect when you start shopping Husqvarna turf equipment.

Sod cutters

Sometimes, you need to just remove a section of grass entirely and start over. That’s where your Husqvarna sod cutter will come into play. These machines cut grass at the roots, useful for replacing turf, clearing out a garden section, or other landscaping purposes. The strips of turf created by the sod cutter can be placed somewhere else, where the roots will reestablish.

Husqvarna offers five-speed sod cutters with synchronized variable speed throttle, power reverse, and great maneuverability. Click here for more information on Husqvarna sod cutters!

Lawn dethatcher

If you want a healthy, green lawn, you need a dethatcher. Thatch, debris from dead grass and roots, accumulates between grass and the soil over time and, if left untreated, can produce a thick mat that inhibits water and air from reaching roots. This mat can promote lawn diseases and pests. Landowners with small lawns can get by with using a thatching rake once or twice a year, but landowners with larger lawns—or commercial landscapers needing to tackle big jobs—benefit greatly from a mechanical lawn dethatcher.

Husqvarna’s lawn dethatchers feature a simplified interface and customizable blades to fit your detachting needs. They’re easily storable and include three adjustable operating heights. Click here for more information on Husqvarna lawn dethatchers!

Lawn aerators

Once you’ve dethatched your lawn, it’s time to get some air into those roots. Aerating is an important task for the lushness and health of your grass. You can accomplish aeration using tools that puncture holes throughout the soil of the lawn, which reduces soil compaction. Aeration is especially important for heavily-used lawns, such as those on public property. However, even homeowners can benefit from aerating their lawns.

Husqvarna’s lawn aerators include highly maneuverable technology, such as the free-wheeling outer tine system, and offers a simple design with low maintenance costs. Click here for more information on Husqvarna lawn aerators!

Walk-behind lawn edgers

You’ll accomplish precise landscaping with our next inclusion of Husqvarna turf equipment: the walk-behind lawn edger. When you need a precisely trimmed divide between soft turf or botanical cover and hard material like concrete, dirt, or gravel, a lawn edger is your friend. Husqvarna’s lawn edgers feature fine-tuned cutting technology, easy usability, and durable, commercial grade components for long-lasting ownership. Click here for more information on Husqvarna walk-behind lawn edgers!

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