Take Full Control of Your Automower With Automower Connect

Communicate with your Automower wherever you go with the Automower Connect app for your smartphone! By connecting your Automower to your phone, you can monitor its location and progress on your property and maintain full control using GPS even when you’re miles away. Here’s how it works.

Monitoring your Automower’s activity

One great feature of Automower Connect is the ability to monitor your Automower’s activity. With the app installed, simply click “Status” button on left-hand menu to see whether it’s mowing or charging. You can also view a satellite image of your property with the Automower’s location pinpointed.

Additionally, if someone picks up your Automower or your Automower becomes stuck or falls upside down, it will send an alert to your phone as a push notification.

Changing the Automower’s settings

With Automower Connect, you can change the settings of your Automower while on the go! In the left-hand menu of the app, tap the “Settings” button. This function will give you options to change the Automower’s cutting height or set a timer throughout the day and week. You can also opt to time your Automower with the growth rate of the grass, called the “Weather Timer.”

Installing and connecting Automower Connect to your Automower

You can start using Automower Connect through a few easy steps. Install the app through Google Play for Android or the App Store for iOS, then follow these steps after opening the app:

  • Create an account using your preferred email address.
  • Press “Agree” for the Terms and Conditions of using the app.
  • Add your Automower through the “Add Mower” view and press “Next.”
  • Give your Automower a name for identification purposes.

The next page requires a pairing code from your Automower. Go to your Automower and perform the following:

  • Press the “Menu” button on your Automower.
  • Use the arrow keys to select the “Accessories” option, represented by an icon with four small boxes.
  • Use the arrow keys to select “Automower Connect.”
  • Enter the PIN code for your Automower.
  • Select “Pairing” on the following page, then “New Pairing.”

The Automower screen will show an hourglass icon, then present you with a pairing code. Return to the app, and enter the code into the space provided. Once the app accepts the code and the two devices connect, press finish. You can now freely use your Automower Connect app!

Geotracking your Automower

After connecting your robotic mower to the app, you’ll probably want to set it up for geotracking. Return to the Automower Connect submenu on your Automower’s menu and navigate down to the “Geofence” option. Select the “New center point” option, then place your Automower approximately in the middle of the installation.

After centering the robotic mower, press the “OK” button to allow the Automower to position itself geographically within your yard. You can then use you Automower Connect app to view the positioning of your mower!

To find more information on Automower Connect, visit the Husqvarna website, or come see us at Meadows Farm Equipment! To view a video preview of the app, click here!

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