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Product Spotlight: Husqvarna’s AI-Enabled Automower

Husqvarna’s automated mowers have been around in various forms since 1995, when the Solar Mower was first created. Inspired by this technology, the Automower soon followed. Throughout the years, it has been the focus of innovation after innovation. Now, with Husqvarna’s AI-enabled Automower, the 435 AWD, the mechanics have progressed even further, resulting in an […]

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Take Full Control of Your Automower With Automower Connect

Communicate with your Automower wherever you go with the Automower Connect app for your smartphone! By connecting your Automower to your phone, you can monitor its location and progress on your property and maintain full control using GPS even when you’re miles away. Here’s how it works. Monitoring your Automower’s activity One great feature of […]

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Deciding Which Husqvarna Automower Model Is Best for You

Mowing the lawn takes time and effort, making it a dreaded chore for people all across the world. However, the Husqvarna Automower offers an alternative. This handy machine, which you can control via app, will mow the lawn for you—whenever you want, wherever you are. Even better, there are several options, so you can choose […]

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