Staying Safe with Husqvarna’s Roll-Over Protection Structure

Mowers are heavy machinery. Though they keep our lawns looking good, they can also be dangerous when operated incorrectly or without care. Husqvarna recognizes just how important a well-oiled machine is. In order to keep users and bystanders safe, the company created Husqvarna’s roll-over protection structure. Here’s more on how Husqvarna takes care of its product users.

What Is a Roll-Over Protection Structure?

Sometimes, it happens: your machine hits a rock or piece of uneven ground. Then, it starts to overturn. That’s where Husqvarna’s roll-over protection structure kicks in. Also called ROPS, it’s designed to keep users safe. By enclosing users in a steel cage or frame or by including a roll bar, ROPS can minimize or prevent injuries. That means that you can use your mower, worry-free, provided that you follow all rules and regulations. Still, don’t forget to wear your seatbelt. Otherwise, you could be ejected.

What Husqvarna Models Offer Roll-Over Protection Structure?

Whether you mow for a living, consider yourself a lawn care hobbyist, or simply need to tackle the chores, you’ll want a quality mower. Owning one with a roll-over protection structure is even better. As of right now, the Husqvarna models that include a roll-over protection structure are the MZ61 and MZ54.

If you prefer a different model or you want to upgrade the mower you already own, you have options. In fact, you can also talk to your Husqvarna dealer about potentially adding ROPS to your model of choice.


Husqvarna’s roll-over protection structure is just one of the many innovative features that the brand offers. Whether you want a mower, trimmer, blower, or more, we have a variety of amazing Husqvarna projects to get the job done.

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