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Staying Safe with Husqvarna’s Roll-Over Protection Structure

Mowers are heavy machinery. Though they keep our lawns looking good, they can also be dangerous when operated incorrectly or without care. Husqvarna recognizes just how important a well-oiled machine is. In order to keep users and bystanders safe, the company created Husqvarna’s roll-over protection structure. Here’s more on how Husqvarna takes care of its […]

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Product Spotlight: Husqvarna’s AI-Enabled Automower

Husqvarna’s automated mowers have been around in various forms since 1995, when the Solar Mower was first created. Inspired by this technology, the Automower soon followed. Throughout the years, it has been the focus of innovation after innovation. Now, with Husqvarna’s AI-enabled Automower, the 435 AWD, the mechanics have progressed even further, resulting in an […]

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8 Reasons Your Mower May Not Be Starting

For most people, mowing the lawn is more of a chore than a fun activity; therefore a lawnmower breakdown merely increases the frustration. After all, now you must spend time figuring out what’s wrong—adding to the length of time it will take to cut your grass. To begin troubleshooting, here are a few reasons as […]

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