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6 Things to Know for Beginner Chainsaw Use

Before you operate a chainsaw, it’s best to learn all you can about your machine. Not only is it a matter of safety, but it will help you use the tool correctly and efficiently. If you’re new to chainsaw-buying or you want to enjoy a quick refresher, we have the tips you need. Here are […]

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6 Tips for Using a Chainsaw in Cold Weather

As it turns out, using your chainsaw in the winter is a slightly different process than using a chainsaw in the summer. Not only has the temperature outside completely changed, but you’ll also potentially be dealing with ice, snow, and other dangerous safety concerns. Your first priority, as always, when utilizing a chainsaw should be […]

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Choosing the Best Chainsaw: Ask Yourself These Questions

Finding the appropriate tool for the job can sometimes be a task in itself. Whether you need to fell a tree, trim some hedges, or cut logs, choosing the best chainsaw can make all the difference. Before purchasing a chainsaw, ask yourself these questions. How powerful is the chainsaw’s engine? Power, measured by cubic centimeters […]

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