6 Things to Know for Beginner Chainsaw Use

Before you operate a chainsaw, it’s best to learn all you can about your machine. Not only is it a matter of safety, but it will help you use the tool correctly and efficiently. If you’re new to chainsaw-buying or you want to enjoy a quick refresher, we have the tips you need. Here are some of the important things to know for beginner chainsaw use.

Research diligently.

When you pick out a chainsaw, you should carefully research your specific tool, as well as the brand itself. That way, you can better understand the machine you’re operating. Chainsaws can differ, so remain aware of their individual needs.

Do routine checks.

One of the main things to know for beginner chainsaw use is that you should always do routine checks before operating your machine. Not only should you confirm that the chain brake is functioning correctly, but you should make sure that the oil is properly supplied and that the chain is sharpened. Get into the habit of doing these checks every single time you pull out your chainsaw.

Properly use the brake.

The brake of a chainsaw is intended to keep users safe. However, users must operate the brake correctly. In fact, they shouldn’t release the brake until it’s time to start cutting.

Refuel with care.

Your chainsaw may require a specific kind of fuel. Obey the requirements that your machine comes with. Additionally, move far away from your fuel prior to starting the chainsaw. Otherwise, the area may catch fire. Plus, when adding more fuel, do so while sitting your chainsaw on a level surface.

Keep your distance.

You’re not just responsible for your safety when you use a chainsaw. You’re also responsible for the safety of others. Stay no less than 15 feet from others. You should also ensure that when trees and branches fall, they will do so far away from other people in the area.

Remember retension.

For those who work commercial jobs or those who have a significant amount to trim, you need to remember the importance of retension. After two hours of trimming and cutting, retension your new chainsaw chain. You should also remember to retension the chain after inactivity.

Remember things to know for beginner chainsaw use before you pick up your machine this season. After all, safely operating a chainsaw is critical. Now that you have these facts in your back pocket, there’s one more matter to deal with: finding the right chainsaw—at Meadows Farm Equipment!

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