6 Tips for Using a Chainsaw in Cold Weather

As it turns out, using your chainsaw in the winter is a slightly different process than using a chainsaw in the summer. Not only has the temperature outside completely changed, but you’ll also potentially be dealing with ice, snow, and other dangerous safety concerns. Your first priority, as always, when utilizing a chainsaw should be safety. So, don’t neglect these tips for using a chainsaw in cold weather. After all, it’s hard to make a winter wonderland worth it if you’re also dealing with a nasty injury.

  • Be wary of the blade. No matter how experienced you are, the blade can hurt you just as much as it can a first-time user. Don’t expose any parts of yourself to it. When using the saw, cut towards where the tree itself naturally leans.
  • Know the unique challenges of felling each tree. We’ve mentioned the importance of remaining aware of the blade. Well, it’s often very significant in the winter, as the weather can change the firmness of the tree. Look up specific trees and how to handle them in the winter. Finally, ensure that you leave a bigger hinge.
  • Protect your body. Not only should you wear jackets that still allow you flexibility of movement, but you should be wearing gloves and eye protection. Don’t have any loose articles on, like scarves. Though this may seem like one of the most inconsequential tips for using a chainsaw in cold weather, it can mean the world for your safety and reaction time. Last of all, wear non-slip, durable shoes.
  • Observe your surroundings. Are you standing on snow, ice or even just slippery ground? Are there obstacles nearby? Do you spot any dangling branches or potential stores of snow that could fall from the trees and hit you? Do a careful inspection of your surroundings, scoping out potential dangers. That way, you can stay safe as you saw. After all, this the worst time to be caught off-guard!
  • Keep your parts in good shape. Not only should you always repair any issues with a chainsaw before using it, but you should routinely engage in maintenance. Additionally, file your chain. You’re going to need to keep up with it more than you usually do, simply because of the challenges that come with winter. If you’re worried about your chainsaw, consult an expert. After all, you don’t want a malfunction in the field—or the grove.
  • Know when to upgrade. Your old model may have cut it perfectly back when you first got it, but technology is always evolving. If you want a newer, higher-tech model, consider heading to a dealer and upgrading. Then you can start sawing in style!

Adopting our tips for using a chainsaw in cold weather can make a huge difference in your life—and your yard. Keep yourself safe and protected in the cold. You can take heart that spring will come soon, making the task a bit less perilous too.

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