8 Reasons Your Mower May Not Be Starting

For most people, mowing the lawn is more of a chore than a fun activity; therefore a lawnmower breakdown merely increases the frustration. After all, now you must spend time figuring out what’s wrong—adding to the length of time it will take to cut your grass. To begin troubleshooting, here are a few reasons as to why your mower may not be starting.

Loose, dirty, or defective spark plug

One common reason behind why your mower may not be starting starts with a look at the spark plug. A dirty, loose, or disconnected spark plug inhibits the ignition of gas in a combustion engine. If loose or dirty, try reconnecting or cleaning the plug; otherwise, purchase a replacement.

Dirty or defective air filter

Air filters prevent unwanted dust and debris from getting inside a lawnmower’s combustion engine. Replacing the air filter will help prevent the engine from overheating.

Clogged carburetor

If you used old fuel or had a bad fuel filter, then your carburetor may have become clogged. Once you’ve diagnosed this problem, replace the bad fuel filter and old fuel, then have the carburetor cleaned. Additionally, ensure you do not use fuel with ethanol in your small engine.

Dead battery

A good way to figure out why your mower may not be starting is to measure the voltage of your lawnmower’s battery. A battery without enough juice could be the culprit! You can prolong the life of your battery be regularly cleaning dirt and corrosion from around battery connections.

Defective starter solenoid

A bad starter solenoid may be why your mower isn’t starting, especially if you hear clicking sounds when activating the ignition. If the solenoid is to blame, have it replaced.

Stale oil

When is the last time you changed your lawnmower’s oil? Not unlike your vehicle, unchanged oil can cause problems with your engine. Make sure you change out your lawnmower’s oil on a regular basis.

Gelled up fuel

Old gasoline loses its volatility through evaporation of separation of chemicals. The fuel can also start to oxidize, leading to fuel gumming, which clogs engine parts like fuel lines and filters. If the gasoline in your mower is older than 30 days, have it changed—then check for parts in the engine that may have been harmed by the old fuel.

Out of gas

Your mower may not be starting for one simple and very fixable reason: no gas! Fill it up and then see if your mower runs.

If your mower still isn’t starting even after all of that troubleshooting, you may want to take the equipment to a professional—like Meadows Farm Equipment. To avoid mower malfunctions entirely, ensure regular maintenance for your mower throughout the mowing season and properly store it during the winter.

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