Dirt Dog LLR 60 5 Foot Landscape Rake

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Dirt Dog 5 Ft. Rock Rake

5 Foot Medium Duty Landscape Rake.
Cat 1 Hitch.

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Dirt Dog’s LLR landscape rake is the perfect tool to clean up debris, limbs and rocks.The LLR’s a frame is quick hitch compatible and is constructed from square tubing for strength. The LLR’s 1 ¼” king pin and ¾” index pin are both fully supported by two bushings in the backbone. Angling the LLR is easy, just pull the index pin and angle up to 30° in the forward position and up 15° in reverse. The LLR’s rake frame is reinforced to prevent flexing so you can tame the biggest debris. The high carbon spring steel rake tines are secured to the frame using two bolts to eliminate rotation.