Spartan SRT XDe 54


Kawasaki FT 730 24HP

Parker 12cc HTJ Transmissions

Full Suspension Seat

Front and Rear Radial Tires

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The Spartan SRT-XDe has all the deluxe bells and whistles of our XD Big Block with less expensive engines and drives. SRT-XDe models are the industry’s best value in high end mowers.

  • Front & Rear Radial Tires
  • Rear Spring Suspension
  • TecsPak® Underseat
  • 360 Degree Seat Plate
  • 3” Adjustable Seat
  • LED Light Kit
  • Aluminum Wheels
  • 4 Bearing Spindles
  • Adjustable Steering Arms
  • 6” Deep Deck
  • 11 mph Top Speed
  • 18,500 FPM Blade Tip Speed
  • Rear Stabilizing Wheels
  • Parker HTJ 12cc Transmissions

The XDe is equipped with the Kawasaki FT730V 24 hp engine in a 54″ and 61″ deck size. The Parker HJT 12cc transmissions and 24″ Radial tires make this mower hard to beat.

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